lenny the duck keeper of the lake

Habitat-I am usually at the mouth of the river were it comes into the lake were i can watch who comes in and out of the lake into the river.

Food-I keep the fish population from getting to large and i eat grass and algae.

Predators-i have to look out for snakes,turtles, and foxes on the edge to make sure they don’t get my ducklings.

Qualifications-If you need me to do something i can do it quicker than the fish i can fly faster than the fish can swim i can also.

I am a migratory animal so i can work for less pay so that way u don’t have to pay me when I’m gone half the season and i can work day or night shifts or i can work over time.

Ecology poem

Mutual ism benefits both organisms

Commensalism Helps one but doesn’t harm the other

Parasitism helps one but harms the other

a parasite harms things

a host is a place were a organism lives in a other organism

a nich is like a community for all animals

a ecosystem shows what life is for a organism

population is many organisms in a area

diversity is different things

adaptation is were a organism can live in a different place

decompose rs break stuff down



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